Wednesday, December 22, 2010

pRO Christmas Events

A must have pet for your leveling needs (especially during exp mod) ;)

1. Go to Mid Prontera and talk to the Gift box (Strange box NPC) until you open it. It will give you a green paper and curse you. You may opt to use green potion on yourself but the following steps will show that you don't have to ;)

2. Talk to the Red Coat Girl located at the south west of the Strange box, who will remove the curse from you and warp you to the Witch's castle.

3. Inside, navigate your way to the 2nd floor by avoiding the hidden traps laid in the second floor.

4. Once at the 2nd floor, talk to Santa Claus NPC who will ask you to guess who is the witch and choose "none of the above" in his options.

5. From the lined female NPCs in front of Santa Claus, the witch is the one who is constantly disappearing/ appearing. Make sure you click on her before she disappears. Talk to her and she will change your green paper to red paper then warp you back to Prontera.

6. From Mid Prontera, go to Lutie (via Geffen > Al De Baran > Lutie) and talk to the white snow is falling or the hidden NPC in front of the giant Christmas tree (just hover your mouse in front of it) and it will greet you a Merry Christmas and give you a special snow rabbit egg.

Pet: Snow Rabbit
Food: Candy
Effect: Gives additional 5% exp when killing monsters

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pRO Simbang Gabi Quest

1. Go to Prontera Church and Talk to Father Ignacio and recieve his blessings daily.
2. Attend the Holy Mass for 14 nights straight, Father Ignacio will give you a reward by the 13th night.

Complete the quest by logging in from Dec. 17 (7pm-11pm) for the new headgear: Holiday Fruitcocktail Hat

A hat made of tropical fruits. It seems very fresh and eatable.
Has a chance to auto-cast Charming Wink each time the wearer is attacked.
Item Class: Helm
Def: 5
Head Position: Upper
Weight: 40
Jobs: All
Vend: No
Kafra: Yes
Drop: No
Trade: No

Charming Wink -
Wink at a specific target, charming them for 10 seconds. If used on a monster, they become non-aggressive for the duration, and has a success rate of 70%. The skill will fail on high level monsters and boss monsters. If used on a player, it will have a low chance to cause the Chaos status ailment.Only works on Demon, Angel, and Demi Human type monsters.

Monday, December 13, 2010

craziest things i'll do for you

I'll make you slow dance with me under the starry sky even if you don't want to. I'd stay up with you til I fall asleep on your side. Hug you from behind whenever we'd fall silent during our fights. I'd share my ice cream and chocolate even if I'm a sucker for it too. Pull you along into my shopping spree and choose clothes for you. Gaze the stars with you coz I feel at ease and serene whenever you're with me. I'd play Rohan with you even if I suck at it or play Ragnarok with you and explore the world of Midgard despite my character's weakness.

I'd snuggle with you during those cold nights. Try my best to cook for you. Spoonfeed you especially on your favorite dishes. Run with you under a pouring rain. Pull you close and kiss your lips whenever I had the chance. Grab your shirt whenever I'm scared especially when you feel like ghost hunting. Travel with you to the places we both dreamed of visiting. Laugh at your corny jokes and stories. Tickle you from the side then wage pillow fights with you. Hang out with your family as if they were mine just like my 3rd ex's.

Watch you play basketball or talk you into teaching me how to play. Swim with me in the ocean even though I'm scared with the jellies. Laugh like crazy at the little bloopers we'd do. Baby you. Force you to eat lunch coz you never did at all. We'd both eat meals on time (to be fair- coz I never did eat in time at all either). Take care of you when you're sick.

Be the last guy to be my boyfriend and take your first and last kiss. Chasing dreams and fulfilling them even if they sound impossible, because when I'm with you, nothing's impossible anymore.

fallin again

LDR again?

I don't know for the nth time.

But I can't lie to my heart. I am falling for him. And I do wish he will be the last guy I'd fall for.

Meet him.

An author. A Rohan player (former RO player). and someone who can make me smile. The guy who likes ice cream, chocolates, foods with lots of potatoes and coconut milk, etc. Someone who brings out the smile out of me without an effort.

I met him after I moved into LUF forums. Bored and excited to make new friends, I wandered into the fan fic section where I spotted his fics since he was the first one to move his fics there. Time passed and I was an avid reader of his fics and then he dropped by in "The Girl's Room" thread, asking for textmates. I did not hesitate and immediately pm'd him my number.

I can't recall how long I've been talking to him via SMS but all I know is that he's really nice and really interesting.. until I found myself falling for him... only my feelings got confirmed after we had this conference over Tinychat with the SMP members of LUF.

They were teasing us since we have that chemistry building throughout SMP (thread and confe). It was later on, the following day after that conference, that he too have a crush on me.

I am still afraid of LDR. But I think I really found the guy, I wanted to be with for the rest of my life (no kidding LOL). And I'm willing to wait (for a year) and then meet him in person. When you've found the one you're looking for, nothing else matters anymore.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

make me fall, can you?

Heck, I'm truly lost in my thoughts when I met this guy in the LUF. [P]
It seems, I'm falling for him @___@ which is so not a good idea.
But somehow in his text and words, I've found hope of falling in love again.
Maybe with him? I don't know. But I sure am keeping my promise of meeting him someday... :(

By the way, T asked for my hand in Ragnarok Online on the night of December 1st. It really surprised me... Because I just met him recently and our date this monday was just something out of the blue-- from the Pacman- Margarito bout. @__@ I wasn't expecting it to be like this.

Well, of course I kinda like him, but I gotta sort things out first with myself knowing that I am fresh from break up and that its supposed to be my 1st anniversary with C. :( Idk, it really saddens me whenever I remember my previous relationship. He prioritized himself over me. @__@ Which is so not cool. :(

Anyways, that's all for now.. I am just hanging on to this promise P has given me. :(

"Someday, when you are finally allowed to travel, visit my city and I'll bring you up on the mountains and we'll watch the stars from there."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pRO: Sakura Blossom event

Event Duration: October 27- November 17, 2010
Final Product: Perisca [1]

Make sure you have the following items so you can continue with the quest without any delay:

Big Fan of Magic:
- blue gemstone x1
- wind stone (bought at the secret room where the ninja job change takes place in Amatsu - see no.3 instruction in the job change quest) x1
- fan of cat monster/ folding fan of cat ghost (Civil Servant/ Mao Guai drop at Louyang Dungeon) x1

Huge Spray of Flowers:
-spray of flowers x25
-thin stem x5 (Parasite drop at umbala field 03)

1. Go to Payon with your ingredients for Big Fan of Magic. Talk to Capt. Feles (cat NPC) at Pay_arche.gat 65.142 near Payon cave. Give him blue gemstone x1, wind stone, and fan of cat monster x1 to make the Big Fan of Magic.

2. Once done with the Big Fan of Magic, you may sit and wait for the cherry blossom tree beside Capt. Feles to glow (make sure your effects are turned on so you'll see it glowing) and when it does it will drop spray of flowers along the area. Be as nimble as you can before they disappear. There are also cherry blossom trees around Prontera (near the fountain and the stat reset NPC) and they give more branches than the ones in Payon.
note: it sometimes takes 10-20 mins. before the trees glow again @_@

3. Once you have collected 25 pieces of spray of flowers, talk to him again and tell him that you want to bind them, and he will give you Huge Spray of flowers for every 5 pcs. of spray of flowers + 1 pc. of thin stem. You'll need 5 Huge Spray of Flowers in order for you to create a Perisca. Don't worry about the gift wrapper, the Girl with a sigh NPC in Lutie will be the one giving you that.

4. Go to Lutie if you have 5 pcs. of spray of flowers. Talk to Girl with a sigh at xmas 172 133 and she will ask you what spring is like. Show her the huge spray of flowers x5 and she will give you gift wrapper. Talk to her again so she can create your Perisca. And there you have it! /no1

Warp Shortcuts:
-Louyang Dungeon: premium service (lol that's the fastest way ever-- believe me)
-Umbala Field: Morroc > Comodo > Umbala > down > down > right (or walk through the east of comodo dungeon according to chorvaqueen).


special thanks to:
Chorvaqueen for the other route to Umbala field 03 :D
Juan Fajardo for the warp and agi xD

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day: Water

Today, we talk about something out of my usual blog topics... water.

Water is everywhere right?

It covers 75% of the world and 70% of our body. It replenishes us when we are parched or when we feel hot. We use it when we cook, take a bath, brush our teeth, wash our clothes and all other things that basically involves water.

Water for me is essential.

It is part of my sport, swimming. I love water ever since I learned how to swim and yet, I myself won't even help save a drop.

You see, like all things provided to us by God is limited. If our resources are not taken well care of and continue depleting, we might as well end up waking up one day, fighting for our lives for all these resources, one of which would be water.

Every drop is essential. Drops of water you waste could maybe fill up a bucket or a basin or even a pool enough to clean out a soccer field. There will come a time, just like in the commercial, people will even opt to drink the water in the tap despite the health risks it could bring (even without boiling it).

So think about it. It's not just for me but for you guys as well. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

pRO: New BM mode guide

Hi there! perhaps you're wondering why the /bm won't work when you type it in the chatbox. That is because
even the bm mode is upgraded during the Episode 22 patch. As announced, there is an additional line for shortcut keys now, this is because during this episode in RO there will be a lot of skills to be used in battles especially when you're in the 3rd jobs state.

Now this is the one I'm talking about... the additional line for shortcut keys. Now how to configure since /bm won't work...

Press the 'esc' button. Notice there are additional options in the game setting window. (Gravity combined all those settings you used to trigger with shortcut keys in-game so it wouldn't be so hard for the newbies).... click the Shortcut configuration.

Now this window will pop out. Notice the skill bar 1-4 are the only ones with keys designated/ configured and skill bars 2 - 4 are undesignated. This means there are no assigned keys for the skills you've placed in skill bars 2-4.

Click on Skill bar 2-1 and press any key you assign a skill in your skill bar. Do this for other skill bar slots.

When you're done, click 'Ok'. It will create a new file in your Ragnarok Folder which means you've successfully created/ configured your bm mode. Now to use them, you would have to remove the chat box by pressing enter.

It will look like this when you press enter. When your chatbox window is in this state, you can use the skills by pressing the letters of the assigned skill. :D

And there you go! Have fun trying out the 3rd jobs ;)

Special Thanks to: Kim Tiongkiao (former pRO Valkyrie player) for showing me the DreamerRO guide to this one. Its kinda different from pRO because I have to create a separate folder for bm mode whereas in pRO you don't need one. XD

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ragnarok 3rd Jobs invades the Philippine official servers

Today, October 13, Philippine Ragnarok Online will be updating all servers with the newest and most awaited patch of all, the Renewals - Dawn of the Enlightened Ones.

A lot of changes will be taking place in our beloved world and soon, things will be more exciting. Not to mention, user-friendly to those who will playing for their first time on this game and to those who are coming back. Also, the latest Episode features a new map found here and new alternate costume dyes found here (uploads courtesy of Chorvaqueen).

And then I wonder what this could mean?
The discovery could not have come at a bette
r time, for an ancient evil lurks in the shadows, dreaming of the day Rune Midgard lies in ruins. As monsters begin their savage attack of major cities in Rune Midgard, the world’s only hope lies in the scrolls and the adventurers brave enough to learn what is within them.
As far as I could remember, there were bomb porings in Prontera during the Heaven and Hell event that was held last Sept. 2, 2010, where GM Chastity bid us farewell. Those bomb porings are indestructable even if you hit them with weapons, fists, and spells; I had that hunch since only GMs can summon those things and remove them at the same time. I really have no idea what they are for but I had this "hunch" that one day, Prontera will be in ruins.

Also, I've got these juicy gossip from Chorvaqueen that there will be new mvp boss cards coming to the pRO servers. These are the following:

Don't forget! There's a new event happening right after the Ep. 22 patch, the Amazing Race to 150/50. First 3rd job to reach the level cap wins a +15 weapon + a Beezlebub card! So what are you waiting for? Download the patch now available at Renewals - Dawn of the Enlightened Ones site!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DBH: Siren Song

Please vote for The Siren Song at DBH10K!

Our friends Christian San Jose and Archan Nair recently joined the DBH 10K contest at Design By Humans, where the winning design will receive a whopping $10,000 cash prize! Let's help them out by registering and voting for their submission!

What's in it for us, you ask? Get a chance to win 5 Design By Humans shirts when you promote The Siren Song submission on your personal site, blog, or social networks. Just e-mail promo[at] (Subject: Siren Song) with your post link and you’re instantly eligible.

So what are we waiting for? Let's vote and spread the word!

p.s. click here to vote. You may also download a wallpaper of the shirt design at the page :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodbye valhalla hello DreamerRO

Its been a while since I've blogged something here.

Its eating me. This quitting thing.

I've been planning this for weeks already and I just needed a sign. And it came yesterday. Kim invited me to DreamerRO. Start anew there along with my college barkada (friends). We all are players of pRO before, only now it doesn't work with us-- the "spending" part.

You see I'm enrolled at one of the prestigious art schools in the country... scholar to be precise. But with what I'm facing now, its a big ordeal. Its been months since this problem is bugging me. We're in the brink of losing our financial status. My family is trying their best to keep me here til I graduate. We wouldn't want to lose everything I've worked hard with when I was small.

So many ordeals, all happened during my junior years in high school and college days. This was the serious one.

My former guildmates didn't understand it when I've said "There's no more reason for me to stay here".

I'd take this chance to explain myself. Lucky if one of them finds this and uses this to understand me.

Actually there is still a 'reason' only I don't wanna take it up. Friends. My friends are the main reason why I played pRO. But now, what? I'm on a new guild, still on the alliance but not on theirs anymore. Reason? Issues broke us up. Separated me from them. Me trying to clear out my friend's name. I sided with him. Ended up getting ganged up on. Then started a new life in a new guild.

We managed to patch things up, but things weren't the same anymore for us. I was still friends with 'some' of them, but not all anymore. I've become a stranger. I cannot trust all of them anymore, especially that one who endangered my life when he invited me to this shoot thing. I've trusted him. But maybe because of that issue of me against him and an old friend triggered this, his revenge on me, leaving me out on the open, with holduppers and snatchers around me. Him nowhere to be on sight.

I can still sit and hang in their usual hangout in Prontera, but once they're all there, I'm ignored. Useless really. I feel like I'm just a ghost. Old member to them. Nothing important in particular. Because I'm weak. Poor. A weak sniper.

In my new guild I can do stuff but when it comes to hanging out, I'm left out either. They can do what ever they want. Coz they're 99 and rich. I don't. I don't have the luxury to continue leveling my character to 99. I'm always left out during mod exps and Endless Tower raids. They hang out but usually AFK. And I'm all alone. Lucky if there are visitors, but most of the time none. I've got nothing to do at all anymore. I'm bound with this spending thing to do what I like doing when I'm all alone. Adventure. Exploring the world I love. But because of school and my course, I couldn't spend now for pRO. I couldn't even access the Kafra storage system anymore coz I've spent almost everything just to get to lvl 95. I can't forever depend on my guildmates.

They themselves said it. "You guys are always dependent on us. Why can't you spend and level up on your own". That's true. But I never did depend on them ALWAYS. I did only once, when I was in 2nd job. Few points away from getting a blue aura. But not always. I do level on my own. I have no problem with that. So I'm not taking any bets of having people help me.

Everything's pointless TO ME. And nobody understood that. So I've taken the offer.

I feel bad for Nire. I've loved my character a lot. My guild and server as well. But in this case, I finally say goodbye to her and to this guy who has been my inspiration ever since I started a new life in his guild.

I feel bad, like I've betrayed everyone, but I've decided already. I owe the people in my previous guild. RB. For the fun memories, that will always be remembered. EBs I can't go on anymore. Boss Hunts. For leveling up my character til 99. But that is all

In my case, I exchange Nire for 1B, Sleipnir and a set of boss cards. Traitor? Feel free to say so. Accuse me. But this will be my final decision.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ragnarok Prontera Theme + Voice

Ragnarok Prontera Theme + Voice

Tagalog version:

Tara Na! (Let’s Go!) - Tagalized Ragnarok Online Prontera Theme
Lyrics by Roland Galicio

Narito ako sa mundo ng Ragnarok
Luma’t bagong kaibigan ang nakita ko
Narito ang mga ala-ala ko
Masasayang samahan

Ilang taon ang lumipas sa mundong ito
Marami na ang nagbago mula nang huminto ako
Lumipat man at maglaro sa ibang lugar
Ikaw parin ang hanap ko

Tara na at libutin natin ang lugar
Lugar na ating nagisnan
Kung saan tayo ay nagsama
At tayo ay magsaya

Halina’t bumalik at maglaro tayo ng Ragnarok
Buhayin natin ang mga pangarap
Tuwing naririnig ko ang tugtog naalala ko
Masayang pagsasama




Ragnarok Prontera Theme English Version (credits to translated this)

I am here in the world of Ragnarok
Old and new friends, I have seen
In this place I left
memories of happy bondings

Many years have passed in this place
Lots of new changes since I stopped
Although I left and played in other places
I still long for you

Let’s go and explore the place
The place we know so well
Where we spent time together
And celebrate

Let us go back and play Ragnarok
Let us revive the dreams
Every time I hear the music I remember
Happy times when we are together




Ragnarok Wanna be free!! + voice

Ragnarok Wanna Be Free (Korean Version)

*I still can't find the english version of the lyrics, but here's the korean lyrics. enjoy :D *

dalha nopigom dodasya
eoguiya meorigom bichwiosira
eoguiya eogangdyori
aeu darongdiri

dareunsigan dareun nuneuro barabodeon sesangeun jigeum
arithan kkum doeeo nar jayuropge hane
oerowotji honjaraneun duryeoun saebyeogi nar goerophyeodo
maeir sijageur kkumkkwo
sarangeun chumchuneun badaboda deo keugo pureureun pum
achimi bangaun geon gateun seollemiya

maeumeuro neukkyeobwa
sarangi danyeogan jarien
niga kkumkkudeon nollaumeur neukkyeo
nuneuroneun daheur su eoptneun
sonkkeuteuro mojaran
haru jongir haega sumeo saneun got
You gotta face the world

neur geurae maeum ikkeuneun daero pulji mothan jilmundeul
ijeneun baram soge nar matgigo sipeo

maeumeuro neukkyeobwa
sarangi danyeogan jarien

niga kkumkkudeon nollaumeur neukkyeo
nuneuroneun daheur su eoptneun
sonkkeuteuro mojaran
haru jongir haega sumeo saneun got
You gotta change the world

Change the world
For the better life
You decide
You gotta change the world

Friday, July 30, 2010

Metro Comic Con CSB Edition

Just this wednesday, a seminar was held at our school. It presented different comic artists from the Philippines, be it in the international scene or in the local scene.

The said seminar was held at DLS-CSB's Green Room, at the School of Design and Arts Building. Most of the artists who came are from Marvel & Sketchpadmanila. :) Even the artist who made the Kikomachine (Manix Abrera) was present too. :D

It was really a huge thing for me so I decided to bring along my friend Elvin Neal with me so we could have our portfolios checked and criticized (plus bonus tour at my school XD).

Apparently, he was the 'only' guest there aside from the speakers themselves. LOL. Anyways, the speakers talked about how did they start in their field, from drawing ants and observing the people around them to making it in the comic scene. They also denied that the comic industry here in the Philippines have died ages ago. "It didn't die at all, its just the managing that made it weak. But overall, the comic industry of the Philippines have been thriving, up until now", says Heubert Khan Michael.

They also taught us how to make our portfolios in Marvel Way. :) Spearheaded by Heubert Khan Michael.

Here are the photos from the talk^^ enjoy!

Danny Acuna answering a student's inquiry

Heubert Khan Michael introducing himself

How to make your portfolio (Marvel Style)

From left to right: Elvin Neal, Manix Abrera of Kiko Machine, Reeza & Me

Danny Acuna drawing a student on the spot

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ragnarok ep. 12: Lighthalzen

Let me share you about my most favorite stories in Ragnarok. The story behind the Lighthalzen city and the Bio labs. Perhaps, it is the most wicked thing I've ever heard of in Ragnarok, using people as test subjects for their own good.

This is one of the main reasons why I am still playing Ragnarok Online. :) Not just a player but an adventurer and researcher. I love finding stuff and stories about the places in this game. ^_^

The following information are taken from Ragnarok PH


Five hundred years ago, Zenit Zerter Lighthal, one of the leading scientists at the time, founded the Lighthal Laboratory. The research facility is set on a remote valley in the Schwartzwald Republic . Later on, when the Rekenber Corporation gained ownership of the facility, they bought all the nearby villages and began construction of the great city known today as Lighthalzen.

The city-state of Lighthalzen is divided into two districts, the residential district on the south side of the city and the commercial district on the north side. The residential district's main attraction is the world-renowned Rekenber Hotel, located in the center of the district. The commercial district contains an airship landing strip, the Lighthalzen Bank, various trading posts, and the Alchemist Guild House. More importantly, it houses the Rekenber Corporation Headquarters.

The Rekenber Corporation is the biggest corporation in the Schwartzwald Republic . It is undeniably the driving force behind Lighthalzen, having great influence and responsibility over the city. The Corporation has spearheaded numerous researches and technological breakthroughs for years. These include the development of the Strahlenstein steam engine, which is being used for numerous tasks all throughout Schwartzwald, and the Airship, which has become a major form of interregional transportation in Midgard. But one of their most famous and controversial work is their research on the secrets of life, which resulted in the developme
nt of the Guardians � Midgard's first artificial life forms - said to be much stronger than any human being.


The city of Lighthalzen is nestled in between canyons and mountain ranges, and the terrain around it is rough and rocky. Despite of this, the Rekenber Corporation still invested large sums of money to build and establish the city. The investment paid off, since now Lighthalzen is regarded as the commercial center of the Schwartzwald Republic.


Underneath Lighthalzen is the Somatology Laboratory, where most of the Rekenber Corporation's Life Experimentation tests are conducted. The first level is the main research facility, where most of the mainstream researches are done. It has state of the art equipment and also houses accommodations for its resident scientists. The second level is a highly restricted area, where only a few are granted access. This area is dedicated to the more clandestine experiments involving the secrets of life. Here one can find the prison cells where test subjects are confined. The last level serves as a disposal site for the laboratory's hazardous waste materials. However, remains of human bodies from the Life Experimentation tests are also thrown in here. It is rumored that the vengeful spirits of these people haunt the place.


Underneath El Mes Plateau lie the ruins of the city of Juperos , an ancient but highly advanced civilization. Juperos is well protected by automated guards and security devices to prevent unauthorized entry to prohibited areas. Although many of Juno's scholars have their own speculations on the cause of the fall of such a technologically advanced race, no one is really sure what went wrong. One of the most popular theories is that Vesper Newton, a mad scientist conducting experiments with the famed Heart of Ymir has something to do with it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

12 people roulette + dj max technika?

DJ Max Technika PH mini-EB @ ATC: Roulette 4

a video of an attempt by DJ MAX Technika addicts including two of my friends/ schoolmates at college :D

Customizer set: The Clear Blue Sky, Sweet Shining Shooting Star, Y, SoS then fail xD

in order of play
Dj MJOLNIR - white polo shirt w/ glasses
Dj .DAN - black DC polo shirt w/ long hair
Dj AKA-ONI - white shirt w/ cap
Dj SMILES - black DC polo shirt w/ cap
Dj EIJEI - white polo
Dj RYUZUL - orange polo shirt
Dj FENRIR - blue shirt
Dj VIIIIII - black/white polo shirt
Dj MC.DONUT - green checkered polo
Dj SPONG:D - blue checkered polo
Dj MIRAINE - striped polo shirt
Dj AEON - white nursing uniform

sorry if my posts these days are more on DJ Max Technika. its something I'm really passionate about right now XD

oh yeah here's a link to one of must check pages of DJ Max Technika. All songs + youtube videos of those songs are in there ;)

check this out: Technika Integriti

DJ Max Technika addiction

Okay I didn't plan on playing DJ Technika yesterday with my friend Edward but I couldn't really help it XD

And so, we ended up playing in Timezone MOA while waiting for the delivery boy (who has Ed's new Nikon D90 kit) along with Cindy and her boyfriend.

here are our videos yesterday XD

Me [Aesprika on First Kiss]

**Edward [a.k.a. DJ.MCDONUT on Enemy Storm SP]

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DJ MAX Technika

DJ Max Technika. This is the craze almost everyone's talking about in my school. But what is it anyway?

According to DJ Max Technika is an arcade music game developed and released by Pentavision in South Korea and the international game was released in North America by PM Studios.

Yesterday during our supposed to be photoshoot in SM Mall of Asia, I came across this when I met up with my friends and so I decided to give it a try.

It comes in four gameplay modes: Lite, Popular, Technical and Platinum Mixing. Lite Mixing includes a tutorial and 3 songs to play with. Popular Mixing is a normal gameplay mode where you can play also 3 songs minus the tutorial. Technical Mixing meanwhile, can be played with 4 songs: 3 songs chosen by the player and the 4th song to be determined by the machine based on your results on the previous 3 songs played. And lastly there's the Platinum Mixing where it is available for people who have the Platinum Crew ID card and the machine they're playing with should be connected to the internet in order for their scores to be recorded and they could go for missions, and win items and points.But then, for a beginner like me, of course I started off with Lite Mixing.

The game isn't that intimidating for me, actually I found it nice to play with since I find it similar to playing the piano, well of course, minus the dragging notes and stuff.

For more information you could view their website at: DJ MAX TECHNIKA

here's one of the songs I played with yesterday :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

bound by passion

New blog. New year. New stuff.

No rants. Just realizations.

You. Me. Us. and the world we're livin with.

Stuff we're passionate about.

Bound by differences that set us apart with other people. bound by passion that thrives within us.

Here's a blog for everyone (gamer, otaku, musician, artist, writer, etc.) . feel free to post your insights, and your feelings here. but please, don't cuss ;)