Monday, December 13, 2010

craziest things i'll do for you

I'll make you slow dance with me under the starry sky even if you don't want to. I'd stay up with you til I fall asleep on your side. Hug you from behind whenever we'd fall silent during our fights. I'd share my ice cream and chocolate even if I'm a sucker for it too. Pull you along into my shopping spree and choose clothes for you. Gaze the stars with you coz I feel at ease and serene whenever you're with me. I'd play Rohan with you even if I suck at it or play Ragnarok with you and explore the world of Midgard despite my character's weakness.

I'd snuggle with you during those cold nights. Try my best to cook for you. Spoonfeed you especially on your favorite dishes. Run with you under a pouring rain. Pull you close and kiss your lips whenever I had the chance. Grab your shirt whenever I'm scared especially when you feel like ghost hunting. Travel with you to the places we both dreamed of visiting. Laugh at your corny jokes and stories. Tickle you from the side then wage pillow fights with you. Hang out with your family as if they were mine just like my 3rd ex's.

Watch you play basketball or talk you into teaching me how to play. Swim with me in the ocean even though I'm scared with the jellies. Laugh like crazy at the little bloopers we'd do. Baby you. Force you to eat lunch coz you never did at all. We'd both eat meals on time (to be fair- coz I never did eat in time at all either). Take care of you when you're sick.

Be the last guy to be my boyfriend and take your first and last kiss. Chasing dreams and fulfilling them even if they sound impossible, because when I'm with you, nothing's impossible anymore.

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