Wednesday, December 22, 2010

pRO Christmas Events

A must have pet for your leveling needs (especially during exp mod) ;)

1. Go to Mid Prontera and talk to the Gift box (Strange box NPC) until you open it. It will give you a green paper and curse you. You may opt to use green potion on yourself but the following steps will show that you don't have to ;)

2. Talk to the Red Coat Girl located at the south west of the Strange box, who will remove the curse from you and warp you to the Witch's castle.

3. Inside, navigate your way to the 2nd floor by avoiding the hidden traps laid in the second floor.

4. Once at the 2nd floor, talk to Santa Claus NPC who will ask you to guess who is the witch and choose "none of the above" in his options.

5. From the lined female NPCs in front of Santa Claus, the witch is the one who is constantly disappearing/ appearing. Make sure you click on her before she disappears. Talk to her and she will change your green paper to red paper then warp you back to Prontera.

6. From Mid Prontera, go to Lutie (via Geffen > Al De Baran > Lutie) and talk to the white snow is falling or the hidden NPC in front of the giant Christmas tree (just hover your mouse in front of it) and it will greet you a Merry Christmas and give you a special snow rabbit egg.

Pet: Snow Rabbit
Food: Candy
Effect: Gives additional 5% exp when killing monsters

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pRO Simbang Gabi Quest

1. Go to Prontera Church and Talk to Father Ignacio and recieve his blessings daily.
2. Attend the Holy Mass for 14 nights straight, Father Ignacio will give you a reward by the 13th night.

Complete the quest by logging in from Dec. 17 (7pm-11pm) for the new headgear: Holiday Fruitcocktail Hat

A hat made of tropical fruits. It seems very fresh and eatable.
Has a chance to auto-cast Charming Wink each time the wearer is attacked.
Item Class: Helm
Def: 5
Head Position: Upper
Weight: 40
Jobs: All
Vend: No
Kafra: Yes
Drop: No
Trade: No

Charming Wink -
Wink at a specific target, charming them for 10 seconds. If used on a monster, they become non-aggressive for the duration, and has a success rate of 70%. The skill will fail on high level monsters and boss monsters. If used on a player, it will have a low chance to cause the Chaos status ailment.Only works on Demon, Angel, and Demi Human type monsters.

Monday, December 13, 2010

craziest things i'll do for you

I'll make you slow dance with me under the starry sky even if you don't want to. I'd stay up with you til I fall asleep on your side. Hug you from behind whenever we'd fall silent during our fights. I'd share my ice cream and chocolate even if I'm a sucker for it too. Pull you along into my shopping spree and choose clothes for you. Gaze the stars with you coz I feel at ease and serene whenever you're with me. I'd play Rohan with you even if I suck at it or play Ragnarok with you and explore the world of Midgard despite my character's weakness.

I'd snuggle with you during those cold nights. Try my best to cook for you. Spoonfeed you especially on your favorite dishes. Run with you under a pouring rain. Pull you close and kiss your lips whenever I had the chance. Grab your shirt whenever I'm scared especially when you feel like ghost hunting. Travel with you to the places we both dreamed of visiting. Laugh at your corny jokes and stories. Tickle you from the side then wage pillow fights with you. Hang out with your family as if they were mine just like my 3rd ex's.

Watch you play basketball or talk you into teaching me how to play. Swim with me in the ocean even though I'm scared with the jellies. Laugh like crazy at the little bloopers we'd do. Baby you. Force you to eat lunch coz you never did at all. We'd both eat meals on time (to be fair- coz I never did eat in time at all either). Take care of you when you're sick.

Be the last guy to be my boyfriend and take your first and last kiss. Chasing dreams and fulfilling them even if they sound impossible, because when I'm with you, nothing's impossible anymore.

fallin again

LDR again?

I don't know for the nth time.

But I can't lie to my heart. I am falling for him. And I do wish he will be the last guy I'd fall for.

Meet him.

An author. A Rohan player (former RO player). and someone who can make me smile. The guy who likes ice cream, chocolates, foods with lots of potatoes and coconut milk, etc. Someone who brings out the smile out of me without an effort.

I met him after I moved into LUF forums. Bored and excited to make new friends, I wandered into the fan fic section where I spotted his fics since he was the first one to move his fics there. Time passed and I was an avid reader of his fics and then he dropped by in "The Girl's Room" thread, asking for textmates. I did not hesitate and immediately pm'd him my number.

I can't recall how long I've been talking to him via SMS but all I know is that he's really nice and really interesting.. until I found myself falling for him... only my feelings got confirmed after we had this conference over Tinychat with the SMP members of LUF.

They were teasing us since we have that chemistry building throughout SMP (thread and confe). It was later on, the following day after that conference, that he too have a crush on me.

I am still afraid of LDR. But I think I really found the guy, I wanted to be with for the rest of my life (no kidding LOL). And I'm willing to wait (for a year) and then meet him in person. When you've found the one you're looking for, nothing else matters anymore.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

make me fall, can you?

Heck, I'm truly lost in my thoughts when I met this guy in the LUF. [P]
It seems, I'm falling for him @___@ which is so not a good idea.
But somehow in his text and words, I've found hope of falling in love again.
Maybe with him? I don't know. But I sure am keeping my promise of meeting him someday... :(

By the way, T asked for my hand in Ragnarok Online on the night of December 1st. It really surprised me... Because I just met him recently and our date this monday was just something out of the blue-- from the Pacman- Margarito bout. @__@ I wasn't expecting it to be like this.

Well, of course I kinda like him, but I gotta sort things out first with myself knowing that I am fresh from break up and that its supposed to be my 1st anniversary with C. :( Idk, it really saddens me whenever I remember my previous relationship. He prioritized himself over me. @__@ Which is so not cool. :(

Anyways, that's all for now.. I am just hanging on to this promise P has given me. :(

"Someday, when you are finally allowed to travel, visit my city and I'll bring you up on the mountains and we'll watch the stars from there."