Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pRO Simbang Gabi Quest

1. Go to Prontera Church and Talk to Father Ignacio and recieve his blessings daily.
2. Attend the Holy Mass for 14 nights straight, Father Ignacio will give you a reward by the 13th night.

Complete the quest by logging in from Dec. 17 (7pm-11pm) for the new headgear: Holiday Fruitcocktail Hat

A hat made of tropical fruits. It seems very fresh and eatable.
Has a chance to auto-cast Charming Wink each time the wearer is attacked.
Item Class: Helm
Def: 5
Head Position: Upper
Weight: 40
Jobs: All
Vend: No
Kafra: Yes
Drop: No
Trade: No

Charming Wink -
Wink at a specific target, charming them for 10 seconds. If used on a monster, they become non-aggressive for the duration, and has a success rate of 70%. The skill will fail on high level monsters and boss monsters. If used on a player, it will have a low chance to cause the Chaos status ailment.Only works on Demon, Angel, and Demi Human type monsters.

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