Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DBH: Siren Song

Please vote for The Siren Song at DBH10K!

Our friends Christian San Jose and Archan Nair recently joined the DBH 10K contest at Design By Humans, where the winning design will receive a whopping $10,000 cash prize! Let's help them out by registering and voting for their submission!

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So what are we waiting for? Let's vote and spread the word!

p.s. click here to vote. You may also download a wallpaper of the shirt design at the page :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodbye valhalla hello DreamerRO

Its been a while since I've blogged something here.

Its eating me. This quitting thing.

I've been planning this for weeks already and I just needed a sign. And it came yesterday. Kim invited me to DreamerRO. Start anew there along with my college barkada (friends). We all are players of pRO before, only now it doesn't work with us-- the "spending" part.

You see I'm enrolled at one of the prestigious art schools in the country... scholar to be precise. But with what I'm facing now, its a big ordeal. Its been months since this problem is bugging me. We're in the brink of losing our financial status. My family is trying their best to keep me here til I graduate. We wouldn't want to lose everything I've worked hard with when I was small.

So many ordeals, all happened during my junior years in high school and college days. This was the serious one.

My former guildmates didn't understand it when I've said "There's no more reason for me to stay here".

I'd take this chance to explain myself. Lucky if one of them finds this and uses this to understand me.

Actually there is still a 'reason' only I don't wanna take it up. Friends. My friends are the main reason why I played pRO. But now, what? I'm on a new guild, still on the alliance but not on theirs anymore. Reason? Issues broke us up. Separated me from them. Me trying to clear out my friend's name. I sided with him. Ended up getting ganged up on. Then started a new life in a new guild.

We managed to patch things up, but things weren't the same anymore for us. I was still friends with 'some' of them, but not all anymore. I've become a stranger. I cannot trust all of them anymore, especially that one who endangered my life when he invited me to this shoot thing. I've trusted him. But maybe because of that issue of me against him and an old friend triggered this, his revenge on me, leaving me out on the open, with holduppers and snatchers around me. Him nowhere to be on sight.

I can still sit and hang in their usual hangout in Prontera, but once they're all there, I'm ignored. Useless really. I feel like I'm just a ghost. Old member to them. Nothing important in particular. Because I'm weak. Poor. A weak sniper.

In my new guild I can do stuff but when it comes to hanging out, I'm left out either. They can do what ever they want. Coz they're 99 and rich. I don't. I don't have the luxury to continue leveling my character to 99. I'm always left out during mod exps and Endless Tower raids. They hang out but usually AFK. And I'm all alone. Lucky if there are visitors, but most of the time none. I've got nothing to do at all anymore. I'm bound with this spending thing to do what I like doing when I'm all alone. Adventure. Exploring the world I love. But because of school and my course, I couldn't spend now for pRO. I couldn't even access the Kafra storage system anymore coz I've spent almost everything just to get to lvl 95. I can't forever depend on my guildmates.

They themselves said it. "You guys are always dependent on us. Why can't you spend and level up on your own". That's true. But I never did depend on them ALWAYS. I did only once, when I was in 2nd job. Few points away from getting a blue aura. But not always. I do level on my own. I have no problem with that. So I'm not taking any bets of having people help me.

Everything's pointless TO ME. And nobody understood that. So I've taken the offer.

I feel bad for Nire. I've loved my character a lot. My guild and server as well. But in this case, I finally say goodbye to her and to this guy who has been my inspiration ever since I started a new life in his guild.

I feel bad, like I've betrayed everyone, but I've decided already. I owe the people in my previous guild. RB. For the fun memories, that will always be remembered. EBs I can't go on anymore. Boss Hunts. For leveling up my character til 99. But that is all

In my case, I exchange Nire for 1B, Sleipnir and a set of boss cards. Traitor? Feel free to say so. Accuse me. But this will be my final decision.