Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day: Water

Today, we talk about something out of my usual blog topics... water.

Water is everywhere right?

It covers 75% of the world and 70% of our body. It replenishes us when we are parched or when we feel hot. We use it when we cook, take a bath, brush our teeth, wash our clothes and all other things that basically involves water.

Water for me is essential.

It is part of my sport, swimming. I love water ever since I learned how to swim and yet, I myself won't even help save a drop.

You see, like all things provided to us by God is limited. If our resources are not taken well care of and continue depleting, we might as well end up waking up one day, fighting for our lives for all these resources, one of which would be water.

Every drop is essential. Drops of water you waste could maybe fill up a bucket or a basin or even a pool enough to clean out a soccer field. There will come a time, just like in the commercial, people will even opt to drink the water in the tap despite the health risks it could bring (even without boiling it).

So think about it. It's not just for me but for you guys as well. :)

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