Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DJ MAX Technika

DJ Max Technika. This is the craze almost everyone's talking about in my school. But what is it anyway?

According to DJ Max Technika is an arcade music game developed and released by Pentavision in South Korea and the international game was released in North America by PM Studios.

Yesterday during our supposed to be photoshoot in SM Mall of Asia, I came across this when I met up with my friends and so I decided to give it a try.

It comes in four gameplay modes: Lite, Popular, Technical and Platinum Mixing. Lite Mixing includes a tutorial and 3 songs to play with. Popular Mixing is a normal gameplay mode where you can play also 3 songs minus the tutorial. Technical Mixing meanwhile, can be played with 4 songs: 3 songs chosen by the player and the 4th song to be determined by the machine based on your results on the previous 3 songs played. And lastly there's the Platinum Mixing where it is available for people who have the Platinum Crew ID card and the machine they're playing with should be connected to the internet in order for their scores to be recorded and they could go for missions, and win items and points.But then, for a beginner like me, of course I started off with Lite Mixing.

The game isn't that intimidating for me, actually I found it nice to play with since I find it similar to playing the piano, well of course, minus the dragging notes and stuff.

For more information you could view their website at: DJ MAX TECHNIKA

here's one of the songs I played with yesterday :D

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