Wednesday, December 22, 2010

pRO Christmas Events

A must have pet for your leveling needs (especially during exp mod) ;)

1. Go to Mid Prontera and talk to the Gift box (Strange box NPC) until you open it. It will give you a green paper and curse you. You may opt to use green potion on yourself but the following steps will show that you don't have to ;)

2. Talk to the Red Coat Girl located at the south west of the Strange box, who will remove the curse from you and warp you to the Witch's castle.

3. Inside, navigate your way to the 2nd floor by avoiding the hidden traps laid in the second floor.

4. Once at the 2nd floor, talk to Santa Claus NPC who will ask you to guess who is the witch and choose "none of the above" in his options.

5. From the lined female NPCs in front of Santa Claus, the witch is the one who is constantly disappearing/ appearing. Make sure you click on her before she disappears. Talk to her and she will change your green paper to red paper then warp you back to Prontera.

6. From Mid Prontera, go to Lutie (via Geffen > Al De Baran > Lutie) and talk to the white snow is falling or the hidden NPC in front of the giant Christmas tree (just hover your mouse in front of it) and it will greet you a Merry Christmas and give you a special snow rabbit egg.

Pet: Snow Rabbit
Food: Candy
Effect: Gives additional 5% exp when killing monsters

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