Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ragnarok 3rd Jobs invades the Philippine official servers

Today, October 13, Philippine Ragnarok Online will be updating all servers with the newest and most awaited patch of all, the Renewals - Dawn of the Enlightened Ones.

A lot of changes will be taking place in our beloved world and soon, things will be more exciting. Not to mention, user-friendly to those who will playing for their first time on this game and to those who are coming back. Also, the latest Episode features a new map found here and new alternate costume dyes found here (uploads courtesy of Chorvaqueen).

And then I wonder what this could mean?
The discovery could not have come at a bette
r time, for an ancient evil lurks in the shadows, dreaming of the day Rune Midgard lies in ruins. As monsters begin their savage attack of major cities in Rune Midgard, the world’s only hope lies in the scrolls and the adventurers brave enough to learn what is within them.
As far as I could remember, there were bomb porings in Prontera during the Heaven and Hell event that was held last Sept. 2, 2010, where GM Chastity bid us farewell. Those bomb porings are indestructable even if you hit them with weapons, fists, and spells; I had that hunch since only GMs can summon those things and remove them at the same time. I really have no idea what they are for but I had this "hunch" that one day, Prontera will be in ruins.

Also, I've got these juicy gossip from Chorvaqueen that there will be new mvp boss cards coming to the pRO servers. These are the following:

Don't forget! There's a new event happening right after the Ep. 22 patch, the Amazing Race to 150/50. First 3rd job to reach the level cap wins a +15 weapon + a Beezlebub card! So what are you waiting for? Download the patch now available at Renewals - Dawn of the Enlightened Ones site!

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