Tuesday, July 6, 2010

12 people roulette + dj max technika?

DJ Max Technika PH mini-EB @ ATC: Roulette 4

a video of an attempt by DJ MAX Technika addicts including two of my friends/ schoolmates at college :D

Customizer set: The Clear Blue Sky, Sweet Shining Shooting Star, Y, SoS then fail xD

in order of play
Dj MJOLNIR - white polo shirt w/ glasses
Dj .DAN - black DC polo shirt w/ long hair
Dj AKA-ONI - white shirt w/ cap
Dj SMILES - black DC polo shirt w/ cap
Dj EIJEI - white polo
Dj RYUZUL - orange polo shirt
Dj FENRIR - blue shirt
Dj VIIIIII - black/white polo shirt
Dj MC.DONUT - green checkered polo
Dj SPONG:D - blue checkered polo
Dj MIRAINE - striped polo shirt
Dj AEON - white nursing uniform

sorry if my posts these days are more on DJ Max Technika. its something I'm really passionate about right now XD

oh yeah here's a link to one of must check pages of DJ Max Technika. All songs + youtube videos of those songs are in there ;)

check this out: Technika Integriti

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