Friday, July 30, 2010

Metro Comic Con CSB Edition

Just this wednesday, a seminar was held at our school. It presented different comic artists from the Philippines, be it in the international scene or in the local scene.

The said seminar was held at DLS-CSB's Green Room, at the School of Design and Arts Building. Most of the artists who came are from Marvel & Sketchpadmanila. :) Even the artist who made the Kikomachine (Manix Abrera) was present too. :D

It was really a huge thing for me so I decided to bring along my friend Elvin Neal with me so we could have our portfolios checked and criticized (plus bonus tour at my school XD).

Apparently, he was the 'only' guest there aside from the speakers themselves. LOL. Anyways, the speakers talked about how did they start in their field, from drawing ants and observing the people around them to making it in the comic scene. They also denied that the comic industry here in the Philippines have died ages ago. "It didn't die at all, its just the managing that made it weak. But overall, the comic industry of the Philippines have been thriving, up until now", says Heubert Khan Michael.

They also taught us how to make our portfolios in Marvel Way. :) Spearheaded by Heubert Khan Michael.

Here are the photos from the talk^^ enjoy!

Danny Acuna answering a student's inquiry

Heubert Khan Michael introducing himself

How to make your portfolio (Marvel Style)

From left to right: Elvin Neal, Manix Abrera of Kiko Machine, Reeza & Me

Danny Acuna drawing a student on the spot

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